About Adolescent Growth

What sets Adolescent Growth apart from other treatment facilities is the unique treatment approach that it uses to achieve healing. We specialize in holistic treatment that combines research based intervention with caring well trained staff to produce an individualized treatment experience for each child. Additional amenities include:
  • Multidisciplinary treatment team
  • Licensed clinicians on site at the facility 7 days per week
  • Licensed primary clinicians and separate clinicians specifically assigned to run groups 7 days per week
  • Adolescent psychiatrists specializing in ongoing medication management
  • Licensed vocational nurses to work with the psychiatrist and offer the most optimal medication management
  • Affordable cash pay rates
  • In-network with most major medical insurance companies
  • A licensed in-house clinician specifically designed to be the liaison between the facility and the insurance company to ensure maximum treatment availability
  • Trained, dedicated, expertise from the staff
  • Academic facilitator devoted to academic excellence and credit acquisition while in treatment
  • Spirituality incorporated in the treatment through daily prayer/meditation group, yoga, Sunday church attendance, etc
  • Specially trained therapists utilize Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy group techniques
  • Specialized groups that cover issues such as past trauma, cutting, self esteem, conflict resolution, anger management, addiction, family conflict, art therapy etc
  • Individualized treatment plans designed for each client
  • Weekly support groups offered to the parents of the minors in treatment and facilitated by a trained clinician
  • Collaborative treatment. Parents are involved in the treatment with conjoint family therapy, multi-family groups, parenting groups and parent weekend
  • 12 step intervention with in-house meetings for clients suffering with some form of addiction
  • Daily physical activity and membership at LA fitness gym
  • Handsome facilities with modern accommodations to provide comfortable treatment living environments
  • Monthly alumni meetings designed to continue the support began in treatment. The meetings are facilitated by a trained clinician
  • Gold seal of excellence from the Joint Commission of Accreditation since 2005
Within 72 hours of intake we begin to generate a discharge plan designed to incorporate and transfer the skills that have worked well in treatment, to the home environment. We realize that improved behavior within the facility without improved skills acquisition for the home will result in clients returning to treatment facilities over and over. Therefore, at Adolescent Growth we work closely with the family to aid in transferring to the home the things that have worked well in treatment. If you or your loved one is ready to break the cycle and get help, we are here and ready to provide assistance. Please call us at 888.948.9998 option 1.