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Assistant Program Manager

Denise Kuenstler

“I love to make a difference in people’s lives and working at Adolescent Growth helps me fulfill that goal. “

Denise is the Assistant Program Manager at our center in Commerce, California. She is honored to be working with such a distinguished professional team providing first class services for clients and their families. She is and always has been passionate about helping young adults and their parents to overcome difficult struggles and find hope in the process of growth and recovery.

Denise was born in Cornwall, New York, but traveled a great deal growing up and lived in New York, Chicago, New Jersey, Minnesota and Dallas, Texas. She attended Florida State University, University of Texas and ultimately graduated from Texas Women’s University with a Bachelors Degree in government and sociology. Denise says that she has always been fascinated by criminal behavior and the reasons behind some people’s decisions to turn to crime.

According to Denise, it is a privilege to be involved in improving the lives of struggling young people. She offers warmth, compassion and clarity to teens through her work supporting the therapists and coordinating day-to-day activities at the facility.

As a mother of four, Denise feels strongly about helping young adults and she has a wide range of experience working with teens. Denise strives to be a good listener who provides practical tips and perspectives to young minds and the people that love them. She is compassionate, competent and driven and she truly believes it is her calling to be a catalyst of change for hurting teens and their families.

Her love for today’s youth combined with her humble spirit makes Denise an endless source of hope and encouragement at Adolescent Growth. When she is not at our Commerce Facility, Denise enjoys working out, playing tennis, hiking, going to the beach and trying new restaurants.

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