Hans Lonnroth, MA, LCSW

Program Manager

Adolescent Growth is truly blessed to have a resourceful and ambitious captain at the helm in our facility in Lombard, Illinois.  Hans leads his results-driven treatment team with nearly two decades of experience and a passionate certainty that every teen who comes under our care can overcome their challenges and accomplish great things.

Hans wears many hats in his dynamic role as Program Manager.  As the leader of the treatment team, he lovingly oversees each client’s treatment plan, ensuring that every teen in our program receives the best possible care tailored to their own unique needs.  Hans is known for his keen ability to quickly connect with and develop close connections with our clients and create treatment strategies for them that are thoughtful, thorough and effective. Every member of our treatment team knows that they can always rely on Hans for compassionate and steadfast guidance and support.

Throughout his distinguished career, Hans has counseled countless children and teens with a level of sincerity and devotion that has earned him a reputation as a leader in the field of adolescent mental health.  He has spent many years providing individual and group therapy services to young people in a myriad of settings.

Academically, Hans received an undergraduate degree in philosophy from the University of Illinois at Chicago and later furthered his training by pursuing his Master of Social Worker Degree. Hans culminated his academic career by going on to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and continuing to advocate for youth. Ever since getting his undergraduate degree, Hans has worked in the field of social services. As a social worker, he has worked with teens, adults, and seniors in a wide variety of settings.  The work he has done has included both direct service and management of programs. 

Personally, he has a strong belief in social justice and when he was in college he worked for Greenpeace and focused heavily on clean air, clean water, and the elimination of toxic waste.  Currently, he is often volunteering for or donating his time to many causes he believes in.  For his downtime, he enjoys computer gaming and watching “cheesy” Sci-Fi, Anime, Kaiju and listening to music and going to concerts.  His favorite book series is “The Lord of the Rings”; favorite movie is Casablanca.