Tiffany Huerta

Floor Lead

Tiffany brings to our Lombard team years of experience in the medical field and a passion for being an agent of positive change. Tiffany began her journey with Adolescent Growth more than 2 years ago. She has shown herself to be one of our most dependable and hard-working medical assistants, resulting in her being promoted to the Floor Lead role. As the Floor Lead, Tiffany is responsible for the day-to-day health and physical well-being of the teens who are under our care. Also, direct care staff report to Tiffany and she delivers exceptional direction to her team. Moreover, Tiffany serves to interview, hire and train new direct care staff. It is imperative that staff are taught firsthand how to abide by the policy and protocols as modeled by Tiffany. With a big heart and a steadfast commitment to providing first class medical care, Tiffany sees to all the health and wellness related needs of our clients.

A native of Chicago, Tiffany attended Everest College where she became a Certified Medical Assistant. She has extensive experience making a difference in the medical field, which she chose as a career due to her love of helping others. As such, Tiffany brings to our team a combination of personal conviction and valuable professional experience.

Tiffany came to Adolescent Growth intent on being a part of something big. She is proud to work in a positive environment as a caregiver to our precious teens and as an agent of meaningful change. Tiffany has said that, she learns something new every day and she is happy to work on such a brilliant and well-integrated team.

Most of all, Tiffany says she enjoys the one-on-one time she has with the residents. Getting to know our clients on a personal basis helps her adapt and gain insight into the individual needs of the teens in her care. She is eager to help and provide guidance to each teen on a personal and individual basis.

When she is not working, you will most likely find Tiffany enjoying time with her family. She loves running, going to the gym, reading and spending time outdoors.