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Lombard Group Therapist

“Working at Adolescent Growth I get to see remarkable teens grow and develop into strong and wonderful people.”

As a group therapist at our location in Lombard, Illinois, Alicia’s sincere devotion and steadfast commitment to the teens in our care forms the backbone of holistic services at Adolescent Growth.  With great dedication and endless resolve, Alicia leads psycho-educational groups that excite, encourage and transform teens by providing powerful insight and much needed emotional support.

With a Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and a wealth of experience working with youth, Alicia brings to our table an exceptional amalgam of academic and clinical qualifications.  She is a native of Chicago who is both honored and excited to be a part of a treatment team that provides top tier mental health services in her home town and beyond.

Even in her spare time Alicia is committed to the health and wellbeing of at risk youth, having spent countless volunteer hours as a phone counselor for troubled teens.  This valuable experience as an advocate for adolescents helped shape her desire to turn counseling troubled youth into a lifelong vocation.   Alicia states that the unique challenges and rewards of working with the teenage population drive her passion to provide quality, first class care as one part of a team of accomplished professionals.

In particular, Alicia lauds our program for the vast amount of time and resources that are spent on each and every client.  According to Alicia, that great care and attention to detail “affords an opportunity to view incredible progress from the point of intake to graduation.”  Alicia cherishes the positive changes she sees on a daily basis with the teens in our care.

On her days away from Adolescent Growth, Alicia likes to spend her free time playing guitar, painting, attending trivia nights, spending time with her cherished friends and family and playing with her best friend Misty, a black lab. *TESTING 5*