Gift Ideas for Your Teen Recovering from an Eating Disorder

The holidays are full of festivities that are centered around food. Many people enjoy this time of indulgence and fun, but for your teen in recovery from an eating disorder this season can be the most difficult time. It’s not just the celebrations that can trigger a relapse, but even certain gifts can cause them pain and send them back to their disorder.

Choosing the right gifts for your teen after their eating disorder treatment is important for their continued recovery.

Holiday Gifts to Avoid

The main items to avoid are anything that relates to how he or she looks. This includes:
– Clothes
– Gym membership
– Food, candy or holiday baked goods

Best Gift Ideas During Recovery

  • Anything related to a hobby
  • Handmade gifts like a body scrub or candles
  • A journal
  • Inspirational books (unrelated to the disorder)
  • A cozy blanket, warm fuzzy socks and herbal teas
  • Spa-like products such as body wash, lotion, nail polish, lip balm, etc.
  • Music or gift cards to purchase music
  • Novels
  • Art supplies like fun pens, markers and a coloring book
  • Gift cards for products or experiences that relieve stress
  • Pet (if it’s appropriate and wanted)
  • DVDs
  • Magazine subscriptions (be wary of titles that can trigger relapse)

How to Help in Recovery Process

Paying attention to gift selection over the holidays is important during your loved one’s recovery. While clothes and candy are great for many people, it can trigger a relapse in someone suffering from an eating disorder. The holidays are not the time to ignore treatment and recovery efforts as this can be the worst time for relapse. Contact us today to learn more about options for treating an eating disorder and preventing relapse after treatment.


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Eating disorders affect all ages, genders and races.