A Proud Parent


It has been a pleasure working with the Adolescent Growth staff and the treatment that the center offered my son. The intake and first impressions of the facility and staff was pleasing and accommodating. Thank u for all your help in getting Mark there ASAP, and for taking the time to hear my son’s story and how your facility can be a part of his recovery. Everyone was very nice to my son and to us. Today, I feel positive about my son’s recovery and behavior than I did in the beginning of this process.

The therapists are great. Justin was always available to speak to me when I had an issue or concern regarding my son. Justin always expressed to my son and to us of Mark’s progress. Justin’s explanation of the Systematic Approach was very on target with our family and what we needed to do as a family unit to become a healthier family.

Everyone was very pleasant and wonderful staff. I also would like to mention, that I appreciated tremendously of Justin’s belief in a higher power, God.

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