Alexandria, age 19


When I first went into Adolescent Growth, I was seventeen years old, smoking weed, doing ecstasy more than once a week whenever I went partying, ditching school, sneaking out all week long just to go out to the park and have fun with my friends and drink, I knew what I was doing was bad, but there was no one stopping me. My parents had no idea what I was doing, they just thought I was anti-social because whenever they were home I locked myself into my room and never wanted to talk to them. I was in a very bad place using drugs and alcohol to cover up a bigger problem. But with the help of Anna who was my main therapist, I was able to open up and find out exactly why I was unhappy and were able to work on my problems.

I have been out of the facility for almost two years this September. And I am very grateful for Adolescent Growth helping me out with all my problems. I am also glad they have a lot of different floor counselors—who were young and old— because whenever I had a tough therapy session, I always had my primary counselor and others to go to and just talk to.

They treated me like family and I felt very safe there. As of right now, I am in a program to become an alcohol and drug counselor. I was really affected by the staff there and how much they helped me change, I want to be able to help others change as well.

My advice to any parents or guardian’s thinking about sending their daughter or son to Adolescent Growth is do it. My parents are glad they did, I am more open with them, I regained so many values, I learned how to cope with my problems in a positive way, and I felt as though things only have gotten better for me since I have gone. I am thankful for my parents sending me even though I fought them every step of the way.

My advice to any kids who are being forced into Adolescent Growth, is have an open mind. My first day at Adolescent Growth, I cried, didn’t want to be there and didn’t talk to anyone; I thought my parents were ruining my life by sending me there. I thought I was going to lose all of my friends. I thought so many horrible things, but the staff really made me comfortable and I started to relax. And after opening up and getting along with everyone, I was able to work on myself and find my problems. But I will tell you this, leaving Adolescent Growth was the hardest thing for me, I was so excited to go back home but not having a structured day every day and not having someone to talk to everyday, that really bothered me most. Keeping a positive attitude while in the house is the way to go, best wishes.

Alexandria, age 19

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