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Dear Potential Client of Adolescent Growth,

My treatment here at Adolescent Growth has been phenomenal. It has changed my life for the better, and I am shocked by my change. I am from Maui, Hawaii and I was told on May 29, 2012 I would be going into rehab. I never thought I had a problem whatsoever. I had been smoking pot for about 14 months and I loved my life and how it was going. I had two drug addicted parents but only lived with my mom what abusing opiates for the past eight years. We were close considering it was just the two of us, but
we did have our little arguments here and there some resulting badly. About a month before that, the idea of rehab was brought up to me, but because my mom was a drug addict, I figured I could manipulate my way out of it as I usually did.

When it came to the day I was leaving to come to treatment at 10pm, I was upset and I was mad but I had this weird feeling in my mind that I couldn’t understand. even with my denial, was pretty open minded inside to come find out. I was saying “fine, they think I’m an addict, I’ll just go to treatment and get it over with ad then when I’m back I will just start smoking weed again like how I was before”. This was my belief for a long time even up until I was a good week into treatment.

The first step was the hardest for me. I can remember my first week in treatment, working on my step work, I looked at some questions:

  1. Has your using affected any of your relationships?
  2. Any missed appointments?
  3. Any black outs?

I thought, “none of this applies to me at all, it proves I’m not an addict”. But after really taking inventory of myself, I realized how much it really DID APPLY TO ME. It applied a lot more that I thought it did. So once I began to work my treatment one day at a time, I really became aware of my problem I had. It became clear how I was subconsciously all along knew I was an addict. I continued with my step work ad had a moment of clarity. I have been blesses to have gone through this treatment ad have a new mind set of life. I am going back into the real world a completely new person and my life has begun a second stage and I continue to thrive for the rest of my life.


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