Griffin’s Parents


Thank you so much for the update on Griffin. As you can imagine, I have been thinking about him just about non-stop since we dropped him off and wondering how he is faring and fitting in. I truly appreciate you letting me know he is doing well and adjusting to the “new life” he will be leading for the next weeks. I do feel this is the right placement for him. I pray daily that Griffin will return to the foundation he was raised upon and embrace his once strong and unwavering faith. I do believe his “falling away” has been a huge factor in his current behavior. I am hopeful he can emerge from this experience a new and healed man.

Lastly, thank you so much for your PERSONAL involvement while we went through the intake process. You have no idea how much you calmed my fears and helped me to realize we are making the right choice to finally get our son the help he needs. I enjoyed meeting you and interacting with you very much. If all the staff members there have half the compassion and caring that you have I know we chose the right facility. Thank you again for taking care of my baby.

This whole experience has been EXTREMELY hard on me and my whole family. I keep thinking about what a sweet little boy he was and how I had such great hopes and dreams for him. I am praying fervently that we can get back to that sweet little boy–just in a much bigger body. We really appreciate all you have done. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

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