This program has helped me in ways most couldn’t understand. It’s helped how I interact with others, how I talk with my family and even how to deal with issues that come up in my life. For this I an extremely grateful.

Another thing that I am grateful for is the wide array of people that I have had the privilege of meeting. People like Katie who have taught me how to keep my sobriety under tough situations. People like Eli have taught me how to stay relaxed. Sierra has taught me how to be compassionate and caring towards others. Those are just a small percentage of examples of great young men and women that have changed my life for the better. You see this program’s staff and the kid’s wonderful stories taught me more than 6 therapists, a psychiatric ward, two psychiatrists and all of my family members were ever able to teach me. The stories of survival and triumph over hard times, family issues abuse, and drugs. in this program are priceless. We live together with a very small group of kids and we learn each others stories. We relate to each other and form strong bonds. We simply become a kind of rehab family. And this family shares a goal that has baffled scientists for years: sobriety. This goal is not easily achieved and we know this. That’s why we try to help each other and communicate through hardships.

Thank you AGI,

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