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Treatment Programs

  • Treatment planning at Adolescent Growth begins even before your child enters our program. Whether your child needs help with mental health, an eating disorder, substance abuse or co-occurring disorders, our clinical treatment team is prepared to design a personalized blueprint for success based on all of the information we collect from you, your teen and your previous health care providers. An initial pre-assessment will be done with you, the parent, over the phone in order to determine the best course of action for healing your child. Our clinical team will review the information you give us and recommend a level of care and a treatment program that best suits your child’s needs.

Mental Health

Eating Disorders

Substance Abuse

Co-Occurring Disorders

Mental Health

If your child is suffering from depression, anxiety, bipolar or another mental health problem, Adolescent Growth can help. Our clinical team will work closely with you and your child to develop a plan for success that we will implement as soon as he or she admits.

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are complex problems with deep roots. If your child is suffering with disordered eating, Adolescent Growth can help. Our eating disorder facility features a clinical team that has been hand picked for their expertise and experience in treating teens who struggle with food, weight and body image.

Substance Abuse and Dual Diagnosis

Teens who struggle with substance abuse need help to recover. We understand that recovery depends on more than just addiction counseling. Our Substance Abuse program will address your child's physical, mental and emotional health as well as their problem with drugs or alcohol.

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Adolescent Growth is a family owned and operated treatment center for teens aged 12-17. Since our inception we have proudly held the Gold Seal of Accreditation from the Joint Commission, an internationally recognized accreditation body. We specialize in treating teens with mental health disorders, eating disorders, substance abuse and co-occurring disorders