What You Should Bring to Eating Disorder Treatment

The idea of sending your teenager to an eating disorder treatment center can bring up a lot of emotions – including anxiety. If you have already decided on a residential treatment program for your child, you probably have many questions as a parent. Knowing what they should be packing for their stay can help ease everyone’s nerves when going into such a new situation.

Many treatment centers will allow you to bring necessities from home but their policies on other personal items will vary from facility to facility. It’s important to find out the specifics of what your treatment center allows before you and your child leave home.

What to Pack

– Photo ID and health insurance information
– Comfortable clothing including underwear, socks and pajamas (drawstrings are often restricted)
– Athletic or other comfortable shoes (some facilities require closed toe)
– Medical records
– Clothes for exercise (if activity is allowed)
– Prescription medications in the original container
– Toiletries and cosmetic products (makeup may be prohibited)
– Personal items such as photos for the room
– Stationery, pen and stamps to write family members
– Light jacket or sweater
– Sunglasses and sunscreen
– Bathing suit (if applicable)
– Important phone numbers (as cell phone use is likely restricted)
– MP3 or iPod with no internet access
– Books and journals (not wire bound)
– Crosswords, word searches, Sudoku puzzles, etc.
– Earplugs (in case of a noisy roommate)

Leave These Items at Home

– Over-the-Counter medications
– Vitamins
– Dietary Supplements
– Alcohol or illegal substances
– Gum
– Food
– Candy
– Exercise equipment
– Electronics (some cell phone use may be allowed)
– Earrings
– Any sharp items
– Alcohol-based products
– Valuables
– Fashion magazines
– Scissors or any crafting items
– Lighter
– Razor

Check with Your Facility

Every treatment center is different and once you find the best one for your child, be sure to ask the facility staff what to pack for a residential stay. If you choose Adolescent Growth in California for your child’s personalized treatment program, please contact us with any questions. We are ready to be part of your family’s healing journey.

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