Don’t Let Eating Disorders
Take Your Teen’s Future.

Treatment Services for Adolescents & Teens

There are many pressures that teenagers today face, and many times those stresses can lead to the onset of a mental illness, substance or both. Adolescent Growth offers state-of-the-art treatment services for teens and adolescents who are in need of help. Our residential treatment services offer clients the opportunity to address the core issues of substance abuse, eating disorders and mental illness in a safe and comfortable setting.

Substance Abuse

Our substance abuse track boasts a multidisciplinary team of addiction professionals that are prepared to help your child deal with the root of his or her addiction.

Eating Disorders

There has been a disturbing increase in the prevalence of teenage eating disorders, which is why we offer the latest in eating disorder treatment.

Dual Diagnosis

Teens often abuse drugs in order to cope with the stress associated with having a mental illness, which is why we offer an innovative dual-diagnosis program.

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Our Adolescent Treatment Facilities

Testimonials From Alumni & Parents

  • My daughter’s mood was unstable and her outlook was uncertain when she came to Adolescent Growth. She was continuing a cycle of in-patient hospitalizations and very resistant to prior treatment plans. Now, she has a much better perspective after completing the program at Adolescent Growth. She is far more stable and for the first time in a long time I am hopeful for my daughter.

    A Proud Parent of Adolescent Growth Alumni
  • I just want to say Thank You for all the help you are giving us with our son. The staff is amazing and I learned a lot today and appreciate all of it! It was so good to see my son and hear him making progress. Today brought me hope that I haven’t felt in a long time. Today I saw a part of my son that hasn’t been around for awhile. Together we will travel this journey and I appreciate how much work all of you put into this for our kids. Please tell everyone thank you!

    Candice, Parent
  • The quality of service received at Adolescent Growth was excellent and my experiences exceeded my expectations. Adolescent Growth met all of my needs and I would recommend them to anyone in need of help. I am very pleased with the services that me and my family received. The best things about Adolescent Growth was the delivery of services, the frequency of therapy, structure of the day for my child, friendly but professional communication of information from the therapists, along with the billing and appropriately handling the insurance company. All of the therapists were incredibly wonderful. I cannot say enough about Shauna and Justin, they were equally great. Alex (13 years old) learned so much from all of them.

    Roslyn, Proud Parent
  • I would like to formally thank all of you for creating this wonderful program. It has helped me a lot to establish the good relationship that I now have with both of my parents and my brothers. All of the staff are kind, generous and positive people. Whenever I was down someone would come and talk to me and help put a smile on my face. They treat everyone with such respect and care. Thank you for this facility, it was just what I needed and it has helped me get on with my life.

    Ozzie, Alumni
  • Thank you so much for accepting me into AGI. This program has really changed my life. I am so very grateful for all of your help. Thank you for being so caring and kind to me, despite all of my mishaps. I am touched by all of the love shown towards me and my treatment. I truly have grown stronger in this treatment. It has rebuilt my relationship with each of my family members.

    Robbie, AGI Alumni
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