“For the first time in a long time I am hopeful for my daughter.”
-Parent of Adolescent Growth Graduate


The First Step

Nothing can compare to the pain and anguish you feel when you first start to consider placing your child in treatment. Initially you may have doubted, minimized or even normalized the behaviors that have now become seriously problematic and destructive. Many parents experience a great deal of pain and guilt knowing that they missed or ignored the warning signs that their child is in need of help. Oftentimes a single disturbing event is the catalyst for change. Suddenly all of the academic problems, social problems or legal problems come into sharp focus and it becomes evident that you and your child are in need of help.

Eating and sleeping may have been impacted, hygiene is ignored and unhealthy behaviors are starting to surface (cutting, angry outbursts, aggression, substance abuse, etc.). Your attempts to solve the problem have not helped or in some cases even made things worse. You may have tried talking, screaming or rationalizing and you may have already gotten others involved (therapists, school counselors, police, etc.) Despite all of your best efforts, the behavior continues and you now realize that your family can’t go on living this way. The stress of your child’s dysfunction is affecting every facet of your family’s life including your marriage, your finances, your employment and your other children.

At Adolescent Growth we understand how difficult this is for you and we do not take your decision to seek help lightly. We are here to share the load with you and we are honored that you have chosen to let us help.

How the Intake Process Works

From the moment we receive your first call, Adolescent Growth sets itself apart from other treatment experiences.  Our highly knowledgeable admissions staff will take time with you to hear your story and to empathize.  We will answer all of your questions and explain the program thoroughly.  With your help we complete a thorough assessment in order to choose the best way to help your child.

Once we receive your insurance benefits, our accounting department will check your benefits and explain to you what services your insurance covers.  Our medical director will review the information we gathered and decide whether our programs are a good fit for your child and your family. Turnaround time for scheduling an admission can be as brief as 24 hours at times when we have no waiting list.

Once your child has been admitted, our highly specialized team will work with your loved one to create a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan.

A certified therapist will meet with your child for an individual therapy session to build a rapport and finish recording your child’s clinical history.  Using all of the information we have collected, an individualized treatment plan is developed and your child can begin their healing.  A family session is set up within 72 hours of admission to address family issues.

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