Core Values

Adolescent Growth treatment programs are built upon a foundation of five core values that inform every facet of our treatment programs.  We use the acronym CLIMB to represent the values we are committed to:


We pay close attention to quality and precision while providing what is necessary for the health, welfare and protection of our clients. We care for all of our clients and their families on a most personal level.


Families come to us because they are searching for answers. We regard our role as leaders in the field of emotional and behavioral health with the utmost importance. Families put their well-being in our hands and when we take the reins we do so with sincerity and conviction.


Maintaining and adhering to strong moral principles is the most essential element of providing good health care. There is no higher charge than our duty of care to your loved one. We are honored by the trust that parents place in us to adhere to the highest standard of honesty and reliability.


Our treatment team and staff are of the highest caliber and do their best at all times to maintain our commitment to excellence in every thing we do.


Our mission is to provide services to as many families as we can which is why we accept most major insurance companies. Furthermore, we do our best to ensure that your resources are used in the most efficient manner. Cost should be the very least of your worries while you are addressing the health and wellbeing of your child.