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Warning Signs that Your Teen is Suicidal

Everybody knows that the adolescent years are marked by labile emotion states and a certain degree of tumult and turmoil.  It might be difficult to tell whether your child is experiencing normal teenage “growing pains” or if there is something genuinely wrong.  It is normal for teens to be a bit short tempered and anger easily.  They are at a stage in their life where they are taking on a new set of responsibilities and expectations and the pressure, along with hormonal changes, can manifest itself in fluctuating mood states and irritability.  You may be concerned because your teen spends long hours on the computer, locked in their room alone, or that they are pushing limits with curfews or losing interest in once loved family activities. You may notice that your teen experiences short periods of sadness, anxiety, frustration or irritability and wonder if something is wrong.

Ninel Simonian explains how Adolescent Growth works with families to produce long lasting results.

A Call to Action

Often when a teen is suffering from a mental illness the family gets caught in a vicious cycle.  Things may be “okay” for a while until the teen acts out again.  All of a sudden things seem unbearable and it is evident to you that something is wrong.  Then things slow down again and you are lulled into a sense that the last disaster was an isolated event, until it happens again.  If this sounds like you and your relationship with your teen, Adolescent Growth encourages you to call for help.  Our admissions counselors are available twenty four seven to listen and help you make things right with your teen.

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