Brian McFaul, M.D.


As the leader of our clinical team at Adolescent Growth, Dr. Brian McFaul serves with a passion and an eagerness to instigate change in the lives of struggling adolescents. Dr. McFaul is highly experienced and proficient in evaluating and treating teens and he is well known in his field for providing solutions that are impactful and life changing. His years of professional experience as a board certified psychiatrist make him an essential part of our celebrated clinical team.
Dr. McFaul’s intense focus and keen intuition make each and every treatment team meeting an unequivocal success. As the leader of these meetings, Dr. McFaul carefully vets, revises and improves each child’s individual treatment plan based on the strides they have made in our program and new challenges as they come to light. The Lombard treatment team is honored to be lead by such a distinguished and qualified professional in the field of mental health.
A native of Chicago, Dr. McFaul earned a Master of Science in Applied Physiology and went on to complete his Doctor of Medicine at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in North Chicago, IL. Dr. McFaul then went on complete intensive training in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis and finally completed his Psychiatric Residency in Los Angeles, California at the LAC/USC Medical Center.
Dr. McFaul’s main goal for clients is to see them thrive despite their challenges and become happy, healthy and inspired young adults. Throughout his career as a psychiatrist Dr. McFaul has helped countless adolescents achieve this goal and he is thrilled to continue his life’s work here at Adolescent Growth. Since his arrival at our doors, Dr. McFaul’s contributions to our program have been palpable.
Staff and clients alike are most fond of Dr. McFaul, who is known for his warm, amiable and compassionate bedside manner. His commitment to empowering teens with the knowledge to thrive makes him an ideal doctor for the precious teens in our care.

Colleen Horgan

Colleen Horgan, M.S.W., L.C.S.W.

Program Manager

Adolescent Growth is truly blessed to have a resourceful and ambitious captain at the helm in our facility in Lombard, Illinois. Colleen leads her results-driven treatment team with nearly two decades of experience and a passionate certainty that every teen who comes under our care is capable of overcoming their challenges and accomplishing great things.

Colleen wears many hats in her dynamic role as Program Manager. As the leader of the treatment team she lovingly oversees each client’s treatment plan, ensuring that every teen in our program receives the best possible care tailored to their own unique needs. Colleen is known for her ability to quickly connect and develop close relationships with our clients and create treatment strategies for them that are thoughtful, thorough and effective. Every member of our treatment team knows that they can always rely on Colleen for compassionate and steadfast guidance and support.

Colleen has always said that counseling teens is not a career, it’s a calling. In her own high school years Colleen suffered extensive bullying and although she recovered from this trauma, the experience stuck with her. For this reason Colleen says she relates to adolescents and will always have a place in her heart for struggling young people.

With the goal of being a “wounded healer” in mind she chose her path in post secondary education without hesitation and earned both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Social Work at Southern Illinois University and Aurora University respectively. Colleen went on to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and begin her helping career in earnest.

Throughout her distinguished career, Colleen has counseled countless children and teens with a level of sincerity and devotion that has earned her a reputation as a leader in the field of adolescent mental health. She has spent many years providing individual and group therapy services to young people in an acute setting, as well as family therapy to support parents, siblings and grandparents of teens who struggle with mental health, eating disorders and substance abuse.

Colleen is a self professed “Lover of Life” and enjoys life’s big pleasures, like sight seeing in Europe as much as she enjoys the little ones, just sitting on her porch and enjoying the outdoors. Colleen comes from a tight-knit family and cherishes her relationships with her identical twin sister, her young sister and her parents. She always enjoys spending time with her best friends, whom she says “are kind of like sisters as well.”

My personal interests are aligned with Adolescent Growth’s holistic, systemic, multidisciplinarian approach to treatment and this is yet another reason why I so strongly endorse the care we provide.”

Dr. James Morris, Ed.D.,L.C.P.C.

Assistant Program Manager 

From a young age, Dr. James has had a fascination with human behavior and in particular the minds of young people. As Assistant Program Manager at our Lombard location he harnesses this passion by guiding and supporting the treatment team in developing and implementing holistic and individualized treatment plans for the teens in our care. Dr. James credits his colleagues at Adolescent Growth for continuing to fuel his excitement about the quality of care our program provides: “It is the opportunity provided by Adolescent Growth to stand in the gap alongside families and communities to help young people heal and reach their full potential that I find so rewarding.”

Dr. James’s credentials are a perfect fit for the role he plays as a leading member of our treatment team and confidante to our clients. He earned his graduate degree in Clinical Professional Psychology at Roosevelt University Chicago and is a current doctorate candidate in Clinical Supervision and Counselor Education at the Illinois Professional School of Psychology in Schaumburg, Illinois. James is also a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Psychotherapist.

With extensive clinical training in crisis and trauma informed care across a variety of clinical and community settings, Dr. James is a veteran in the field of psychotherapy and counseling. He prides himself on his ability to tailor his interventions to meet the specific needs of every client, utilizing an eclectic range of therapeutic techniques and integrative, evidence based approaches. Dr. James describes his approach to treatment as a humanistic one that prioritizes the client/therapist relationship and the creation of a safe and therapeutic environment for teens.

As a Doctorate Level Clinician, Dr. James is highly knowledgeable about the neurobiological underpinnings of problematic behaviors in teens. He is skilled in the use of brain-based counseling interventions which are aimed at helping young people produce new neural pathways that aid them in their optimal development: “My personal interest are aligned with Adolescent Growth’s holistic, systemic, multidisciplinarian approach to treatment, and this is yet another reason why I so strongly endorse the care we provide.”

Having grown up the son of a musician and a dancer, Dr. James finds no greater joy than the gift of music and “cutting a rug every now and then.” He also enjoys grilling and cooking with family and friends from the community, marveling at the growth of his nephews, lecturing as an adjunct and assistant professor and eating Asian and Louisiana Creole Cuisine. He is also an active member of the American Psychological Association, American Counseling Association, American Mental Health Counseling Association and Illinois Counseling Educators and Supervisors. When asked to describe himself he simply states, “I’m just a regular blue collar kid from Chicago, with southern roots that loves to connect with people from all walks of life; Just trying to live with purpose and beyond myself.”

“I enjoy working with teens at Adolescent Growth because they have so much energy and such bright futures. I hope to help create clarity for my clients and balance in their lives.”

Alicia Fitzsimons, M.A.

Primary Therapist

As a primary therapist at our location in Lombard, Illinois, Alicia’s sincere devotion and steadfast commitment to the teens in our care forms the backbone of holistic services at Adolescent Growth. With great dedication and endless resolve, Alicia provides individual therapy that excites, encourages and transforms teens by providing powerful insight and much needed emotional support.
With a Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and a wealth of experience working with youth, Alicia brings to our table an exceptional amalgam of academic and clinical qualifications. She is a native of Chicago who is both honored and excited to be a part of a treatment team that provides top tier mental health services in her home town and beyond.
Even in her spare time Alicia is committed to the health and well-being of at risk youth, having spent countless volunteer hours as a phone counselor for troubled teens. This valuable experience as an advocate for adolescents helped shape her desire to turn counseling troubled youth into a lifelong vocation. Alicia states that the unique challenges and rewards of working with the teenage population drive her passion to provide quality, first class care as one part of a team of accomplished professionals.
In particular, Alicia lauds our program for the vast amount of time and resources that are spent on each and every client. According to Alicia, that great care and attention to detail “affords an opportunity to view incredible progress from the point of intake to graduation.” Alicia cherishes the positive changes she sees on a daily basis with the teens in our care.
On her days away from Adolescent Growth, Alicia likes to spend her free time playing guitar, painting, attending trivia nights, spending time with her cherished friends and family and playing with her best friend Misty, a black lab.

Erica Bell, M.S.

Working at Adolescent Growth I get to see remarkable teens grow and develop into strong and wonderful people.”

Erica Bell, M.S., A.M.F.T.

Primary Therapist

With great skill and consummate compassion, Primary Therapist Erica Bell makes individual therapy at Adolescent Growth fun, insightful and informative. The safe spaces that Erica provides for the teens in our care help them learn to cope effectively with struggles and develop valuable life skills.
Erica was born in Worthington, Minnesota but raised in Wheaton, Illinois. Having known from a young age that her calling was helping teens, she attended Northern Illinois University and earned a Masters in Science with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy. For Erica, the field of Psychology was an easy choice. Her strong desire to make a difference in the lives of others made her decision to become a therapist a perfect fit.
According to Erica, the complexities of the teenage mind present a number of unique and exciting challenges. She finds it wonderfully rewarding when the teens in her care have breakthroughs and learn to see things from new and exciting perspectives. Teaching teens to become their own source of support and comfort in such a trying world brings Erica a sense of fulfillment that shines through in all of the work that she does with us.
Erica brings to Adolescent Growth a wealth of knowledge and experience, much of which was gained during her time as an adventure group therapist with youth aged 6-18 years. Erica states that this work was challenging but rewarding, and helped prepare her for her role as a leader in the treatment of troubled teens.
In her spare time, Erica loves to be with her cherished friends and family. Otherwise she enjoys relaxing and watching her favorite shows or movies, reading, journaling and listening to music.

Working with teens at Adolescent Growth is refreshing and life impacting in so many ways.

Curt Spigelmyre, M.A.

Group Therapist 

Curt teaches teens in our care to practice and apply useful and effective coping tools in a group setting that is comfortable, informative and fun. Teens at the Lombard facility know Curt for his easygoing nature and his inventive methods of teaching new life skills in a way that excites and encourages them to embrace healthy living and make positive, lasting changes in their lives.

Curt came to Adolescent Growth with an impressive array of experience as both a teacher and a mental health counselor for teens. He holds a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Wheaton College as well as a second Masters Degree in Teaching from Central Michigan University. Curt has extensive experience as a high school teacher, a mental health counseling intern and a cultural adjustment instructor helping new Americans adjust to life in the United States.

When asked about his work with teens at Adolescent Growth, Curt says that the most rewarding times are when he sees that “light bulb” go off and the clients he works with begin to accept responsibility for past behavior and recognize that they can make better choices in the future. It is these wonderful moments with teens that Curt says makes it all worthwhile.

Curt remembers with fondness two years he spent in Shanghai, China teaching Economics and Social Studies to high school students who planned to go abroad for future studies. In his work with these students he also provided academic and social behavior advising and worked with parents in order to help them encourage and strengthen their children’s academic performance.

In his spare time Curt can most likely be found cherishing time with his loving wife and two young boys. He is also continuing his studies by taking classes to obtain further certifications in the mental health and counseling field. Adolescent Growth is lucky to count Curt as a member of our distinguished treatment team.

Tara Cassidy, M.S.W.

Group Therapist 

As one of the group therapists at the Lombard location, Tara is charged with leading psychoeducational groups for teens in a warm and supportive atmosphere of understanding and acceptance. With a flair for creativity, Tara has a knack for keeping clients engaged while teaching them valuable life lessons, skills and tools for coping effectively. Tara’s warmth and authenticity combined with her tremendous commitment to providing top quality care makes her an indispensable part of our team.

Tara began her academic career in the knowledge that she wanted to enter the helping profession. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Family and Child Studies at Northern Illinois University. Upon completion of her undergraduate degree, Tara went on to earn her Master of Social Work in Mental Health from Jane Addams College of Social Work in Chicago, Illinois.

Following her academic career, Tara went on to provide counseling services for residents of the Oak Park area who suffer from various mental health problems. She performed thorough assessments, devised insightful treatment plans and also provided crisis intervention services. As a therapist, Tara assisted clients in learning to live day to day with their mental illness and practice different forms of symptom reduction.

Tara is known for her inventive strategies that keep teens engaged during groups. The close bonds she forms with our clients have sparked many remarkable changes, and Tara continues to use her generous heart and humble spirit to aid teens in achieving lifelong recovery.

Laurie Lambert, M.A., P.E.L., L.B.S. I

“I love to see the teens at Adolescent Growth grow socially, emotionally and academically.”

Laurie Lambert, M.A., P.E.L., L.B.S. I

Academic Coordinator

As the Academic Coordinator at our location in Lombard, Illinois, Laurie is tasked with igniting in our clients an excitement and enthusiasm for learning. Laurie is a veteran educator with a number of noteworthy qualifications, but her biggest asset in the classroom is her unparalleled ability to connect with teens on a personal level, helping them discover their own unique intellectual skills, abilities and passions. Laurie strongly believes that every child can excel academically if they are given the right resources and a teacher who truly cares.

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Laurie has been serving her community as an educator for many years. She holds a Master of Arts in Teaching with an emphasis in Secondary Education and Special Education. She is a licensed Professional Educator who has gone above and beyond by earning a special endorsement to aid her in sharing her love of learning with every child she meets. The Learning Behavioral Specialist endorsement is a program that trains teachers to meet the needs of students with learning, behavioral , emotional and mental exceptionalities. Laurie earned this accolade with the single-minded intent to focus her career on providing educational services to young people who struggle in the classroom due to mental health, eating disorders and substance abuse.

Laurie’s perspective on helping young people came into sharp focus when her daughter began to struggle with mental health and substance abuse as a teen. Suddenly a lifelong vocation became personal as Laurie and her daughter set out on their own path toward healing and recovery. Laurie says that her experience as a mother of a teen in distress amplified her empathy and compassion for the families she works with and made her eager to help others find hope and set upon the right path.

With a natural affinity for creative arts, Laurie enjoys spending her free time making beaded jewelry. She is an animal lover who volunteers with the Animal Care League which is where she adopted her own lovable kitty named Sweetie Pie. Laurie is also an avid “thrifter” who loves to shop for clothes, accessories and household items at Goodwill and other second hand, thrift and vintage stores.

Brigid Washak, B.A.

Floor Lead 

As hard working and energetic as they come, Floor Lead Brigid handles day to day operations at the Lombard facility with the ease of much experience. Brigid works tirelessly to make life at the Lombard facility comfortable, relaxing and fun. In the midst of all her efforts coordinating outings, activities, daily schedules and more, Brigid always find time to bond with our clients and see to all of their individual needs.

Brigid’s past work as an Aide for children and teens in the Foster Care system helped her come to develop a true passion for helping adolescents who struggle with mental health, substance abuse and eating disorders. As a Foster Care Aide, Brigid collaborated with caseworkers and parents for the benefit of children in Foster Care and went above and beyond to ensure that each child she advocated for achieved the best outcome possible.

Prior to her work as a Case Aide, Brigid was a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children in Yorkville, Illinois, where she worked with children who were victims of crimes. Brigid advocated for these children by offering judges critical information to ensure that each child’s rights and needs were being attended to while in the foster care system.

For her admirable sense of duty and compassion, Brigid was offered the position of Floor Lead soon after her arrival at Adolescent Growth. She serves the teens in our care with great compassion and a can-do attitude that make her a valued member of our floor team.

Brigid enjoys spending her free time with her cute little Pomeranian named Ghost. She is also a talented ballet dancer who has been dancing since age three. When she is not at Adolescent Growth, Dancing or spending time at home, Brigid loves to spend time with her family and in particular her loving mom.

Tiffany Huerta

“I enjoy the people I work with the most. Working as a team to help teens move forward is a privilege.”

Tiffany Huerta

Medical Assistant

Tiffany brings to our Lombard team years of experience in the medical field and a passion for being an agent of positive change. As one of our dependable and hard-working medical assistants, Tiffany is responsible for the day-to-day health and physical well-being of all of the teens who are under our care. With a big heart and a steadfast commitment to providing first class medical care, Tiffany sees to all of the health and wellness related needs of our clients.

A native of Chicago, Tiffany attended Everest College where she became a Certified Medical Assistant. She has extensive experience making a difference in the medical field, which she chose as a career due to her love of helping others. As such, Tiffany brings to our team a combination of personal conviction and valuable professional experience.

Tiffany came to Adolescent Growth intent on being a part of something big. She is proud to work in a positive environment as a caregiver to our precious teens and as an agent of meaningful change. Tiffany has said that, in her role as Medical Assistant, she learns something new every day and she is happy to work on such a brilliant and well integrated team.

Most of all, Tiffany says she enjoys the one-on-one time she has with the residents. Getting to know our clients on a personal basis helps her adapt and gain insight into the individual needs of the teens in her care. She is eager to help and provide guidance to each and every teen on a personal and individual basis.

When she is not working, you will most likely find Tiffany enjoying time with her family. She loves running, going to the gym, reading and spending time outdoors.

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