Joseph Morris

Culinary Manager/Master Chef

As the culinary genius behind the exquisite cuisine served at Adolescent Growth, Chef Joseph takes pride in providing well balanced meals that appeal to both the eyes and to the palate. Chef Joseph is committed to ensuring that the adolescents who struggle with mental health and substance abuse issues are equipped with nutritional education/skills that will beneficially serve them upon discharge from the facility. 

Chef Joseph affirms that although he possesses the natural ability to cook well, he aimed to hone his skill by obtaining professional culinary training. Chef Joseph received his training at the esteemed Washburne Culinary Institute and learned to cook and create a “meal experience” through sight, smell and taste.

Occupationally, Chef Joseph obtained extensive experience working for fourteen years at The University of Chicago where he prepared meals for students as well as dignitaries such as Michelle Obama. Moreover, he worked for four years at the Dominican University where he managed and prepared meals for preschoolers as well as the college students and staff. Chef Joseph also continued to polish his cooking skills for six years as the Director of Catering Operations Bon Appetit.  The wide array of knowledge for cooking Chef Joseph possesses is impressive to say the least.

When asked why he likes working at Adolescent Growth, Chef Joseph responded, “There are many reasons why I love working here in this position. The most importation one is the joy I get seeing the kids learning recipes. Watching their eyes light up as their creation comes to life and the presentation of restaurant quality food displayed, becomes the highlight of my day”.

Chef Joseph shares that in his spare time he has two cats (Boots and Sox) that demand he spends time with them. More so, his grandchildren, Jayden and Heaven are his pride and joy who he also is pleasantly committed to spending time with. In addition, Chef Joseph enjoys video games which help alleviate stressful days and turn the time into a wonderful “play-vacation on my video game”.