Academic Support for Teens in Treatment

Many of the teens in treatment with us are admitted throughout the school year. Naturally, most parents are concerned about their child’s school work and how they will keep up to date with their studies. Our Academic Coordinator works closely with you and your child to assure that the fear of getting behind in school does not hinder the decision to seek treatment. Strong academic performance is an important part of restoring hope, increasing motivation, and preparing an adolescent for their return home. 

Clients at Adolescent Growth are able to keep up with their studies in one of three ways:

Direct Coordination with Your Child’s School

Our Academic Coordinator will contact your child’s school in order to create a plan for them to stay on track with their assignments. Each week the parents are asked to bring assignments from the student’s school to the facility so that their child can complete the work in our classroom. Once the student completes the assignments we will give it back to the parent to return to the teacher for grading. The student will be able to stay on track and continue to earn credits from his or her homeschool.

Independent Study

Once per week, we take participating students to a charter school where they can work through appropriate grade-level assignments. The charter school we partner with is an accredited program that is based on independent study. It offers individualized learning plans for each student based on their needs, abilities, and aspirations for the future. Enrolling students are tested for academic competency and their educational history is assessed. This includes a two-hour assessment exam. Based on these assessments an individual performance plan is created. The plan focuses the student on no more than two core subjects and advancement is based on demonstrated mastery of the subject matter through tests, presentations, and projects. Students are responsible for completing their assignments on time. School work is done from Monday to Friday in the classroom at the facility. An Academic Coordinator is available at these times for one-on-one tutoring and assistance.

Enrichment Work

We also provide enrichment work such as writing assignments, novels and work to accompany the novels, math assignments, and current events for students when they are on Christmas, spring, summer and other breaks. Students will not receive credit for the work they do with this option. It is enrichment only.