Teen Mental Health & Substance Abuse Referrals

Our programs treat male and female adolescents who are struggling with eating disorders, mental health issues, substance abuse problems and co-occurring disorders.

We are in-network providers with most medical insurance companies.  We also offer treatment financing for prospective clients that do not have insurance. Click here for more information.

Adolescence is a challenging time and we understand the complexities teenagers are faced with (peer pressure, academic stressors, divorce of parents, etc.) which may require more intensive services than outpatient treatment provides.

We are honored that you have chosen to refer your client to us and we pledge to do our very best to help them.  We welcome clients from various professionals, hospitals and facilities and we are pleased to partner with you to provide the highest standard of care to the client or clients you refer to us.

The referral process will begin with our admissions department who will coordinate your client’s intake.  A detailed intake assessment will be done with the client’s parent or guardian and a verification of benefits will be carried out.

Your client will be greeted by a friendly and compassionate clinician who will aid in making their transition into treatment as comfortable as possible. Following the completion of their assessment we will make treatment recommendations to your client and his or her family on which one of our programs is best suited to their needs.

Once your client has been admitted to one of our programs, our multidisciplinary team of specialists works with him or her to develop a customized and comprehensive treatment plan.  The treatment plan utilizes a multi-modal approach to challenge maladaptive thoughts and behaviors and faulty beliefs and teach alternative ways of having needs met and restore hope.

Treatment begins with a medical history check, a physical assessment and a comprehensive review of academic performance, nutrition, drug history, strengths, weaknesses and past family interactions in preparation for family therapy.

Throughout your client’s treatment the primary therapist will be in close communication with you in order to ensure the best possible continuity of care.  Upon discharge your client will be transferred back to you for continued treatment.  Please take time to contact us or review the links below for more information about us:

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