Holistic adolescent treatment for eating disorders, mental health, and substance use

Adolescent Growth is proud of the work completed while in our treatment programs and are grateful to the families who share their stories with us. Watch the videos below to hear testimonials from the proud parents of our clients.
“We go the feel that this was a place that, cared for our son, and his well-being was the one hundred percent focus at all times."
Scott and Jenene
“This place is very open, very warm, very welcoming – definitely a family environment. They are very helpful, not only does my child heal as individual but they also attempt to heal the family and make them one cohesive unit. This place is truly amazing.”
“There was a great improvement from the time she started and now, this place really stepped up and helped. I like the fact that they are a healing place and they are healing with family, it helped all of us repair our relationships along with our daughter. This was her new norm.”
Barb, Steve, and Stacy
“There is no other place like this around here. This seems more like a family setting – even I am comfortable here and I love coming here. This is a good thing they have here, I hope they last a long time.”
"Marie, who lives far away from the facility, talks about how she was still able to take part in the multi-family groups thanks to the technology provided by Adolescent Growth."
“It felt like a home. We were bringing her to something that felt like a home away from home sort of. It’s amazing how quickly the facility became family.”
“It’s as close to home as someone can feel.”
“It’s really been amazing. They’ve really done everything they can to take care of her and they do everything they can to understand our concerns as parents.”
“They were very trustworthy. They treated her like they knew her for years. I would greatly recommend it. I thank God we had the opportunity to have this because not everybody has that opportunity.”
“There was never a time that she wasn’t getting what she needed while she was here.”
“I felt like he went the extra mile to try to connect with her. I was very pleased with the coping strategies that she would talk to me about when we visited. The team approach they took to help her was just invaluable.”
“It has truly been transformational. Just the way you communicate certain things to these kids. You learn those things here through the family sessions and the parenting groups. It’s been amazing the changes over the past two months.”
“Once you let your guard down as a parent and open yourself up to other opportunities, I think you’ll find that this really works out well.”
“They care, which is really nice. In a clinical setting it wouldn’t be that way. They get to know him, and they really care and that’s nice.”
Billie and Summer
“For me personally, the level of involvement that the parent has is pretty significant. I felt right away a connection with the therapist and developed a trust with her because I recognized the goal of bringing my daughter and I together.”
“The support for my child was very musch over and beyond what I expected. They brought a little bit of extra support and put extra things in place to help my daughter for the extra needs she had.”

Out of all the treatment facilities I’ve been in when I was younger this place is in my top five. (Other then the mandatory uniforms we needed to wear).. going out to the gym. Movie nights inside the treatment place and on weekends! Going to the movies. Staff when I was there where supportive and fun to be around. We all looked forward to night shift and morning! The cook there, She was great. Food on the weekdays where ehh. But the weekends where prime. Baking classes was always fun to do. NOW therapy and group therapy they both where great(other then hard conversations in family therapy).. My therapist was AMAZING!! Group therapy was relax, but still hit to the point so you didn’t feel pressured or overwhelmed. Art therapy was a blast of course everything was based on decision-making in the young adolescent life. I was at the facility over five years ago, so I’m not sure how much it has changed. The staff was young, but still took safety precautions as they should, while still having fun. Honestly there’s worse facilities. Like I said I don’t know how it is now. It’s been a while for me but I did enjoy this short term facility.

Riah k

Mr and Mrs Lewis is wonderful people. They gave me and my daughter a job. And they were very respectful to the clients and the co workers. Me and my daughter love traveling to each house we love what we did I even miss working at the commerce house I love making sure the house was clean and the kids love to see me and my daughter walk in. Everyone have there own opinion.

Gladys Bursey

This is an excellent, clean and miraculous treatment agency, in the manner that they care for the children. Adolescent Growth facility has been a life changer in my daughter’s life. I was hopeless and she was suicidal before the facility stepped in and gave my daughter direction and showed her a purpose for living. They are a God-centered facility that practices what they teach. Each staff and administration care for the children’s outcome. My husband and I were no longer alone, but we had a team of experts that were working to help get my daughter back on track. My daughter spent 50 days there. It was hard for me at first to let her go, but the changes and outcome were definitely worth the sacrifice. I had to give tough love and trust the process. IT WORKS! If you are considering this facility, I suggest you take my advice and trust the process. God Bless you and yours.

Mrs. J Tolbert

I really apreciated this program.
My son suffers from addiction and major depressive disorder.
The staff in Commerce was awesome.
His therapist Raceal was amazing. Wonderful woman with a heart of gold and really wants to help the kids.
His behavior and mood have improved and he is such a joy to have back home.
My only irritation is that my insurance decided he didn’t need to be there anymore after only 35 days.
I talked to a guy name Jonathan who handles insurance issues and he told me he was going to file for an appeal. Unfortunately after my son was discharged he will no longer help me with this issue, and wont respond to my emails. Jill from accounting was very rude and told me that since I couldnt pay them $3000 right then and there I needed to come get my son. I had to drive 1.5 hours in the middle of the night to pick him up. They definitely did not have the best interest of the patient at heart.
I’m also waiting for psychiatrist to call me for my pharmacy info so they can call in refills for my sons medication.
Aside from the “business pratices” which was awful! The program was very helpful for my son. He and I both wish he was able to to finish it, but we will continue working with the tools we did receive.
Thank you Raceal, Kara, David, and Abraham.

Cori W.

My family and I had a wonderful experience with adolescent Growth. My son was on a terrible and dangerous path that as a parent I was unable to detour. I happen to live in an area where there is very little mental health or psychiatric services available. I was referred to Adolescent Growth as it was in my insurance network. I was put in touch with Dr. Joi Lewis and with about 24 to 48 hours my insurance had agreed to his treatment and I had my son on a plane the next day.

I had no idea of what was needed from me and Dr. Joi and her staff held my hand every step of the way. This was such a learning growing experience for my son, my self and our entire family. It was very difficult as he was so far away and understanding how and why they do the things they do within their very structured environment was at some times difficult for me but in the end I completely understood how and why… I put my faith and trust in Dr. Joi and her wonderful staff and the son they returned to me was they boy that I haven’t seen for many years.

My son was a great success. He tiered up the the 5th tier and graduated a couple of days early. It was what saved his life and healed my family and I owe them more than I will ever be able to repay. I recommend this facility to any parent that has a behavioral and substance abuse issue. AGAIN, THANK YOU DR. JOI, JUSTIN AND THE REST OF YOUR AMAZING STAFF! WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!

Jim B-L

It is a great place to start your career. Providing you opportunities to learn and grow after you graduate from school. Trusted owners, friendly colleagues, and nice working environment.

Mindy Liu

We sent our 12 year old son here due to a long history of being unstable. He had ADHD, anxiety, tic disorder, depression, OCD, mood disorder and high functioning autism. He was out of control and needed intense therapy all the time. The decision to take him was not an easy one at all. In fact was one of the hardest decisions we ever had to make. The enrollment process was very quick and quite easy. He was going to be 2 hours away from us. We arrived and my nerves were shot! Then we met Azadeh. She was the kindest woman. She was understanding and we felt he would be safe and well cared for. She knew it was so hard for us and treated our son with so much love. We met the rest of the staff that included nurses, aids and a chef. After 2 weeks and only 2 visits Covid happened. We’d no longer be allowed to see him weekly and be part of his treatment there. They made sure we got video calls and daily calls twice a day to let us know he was good. We were part of his treatment the whole time. We got to eat the two times we went and the food was great and very healthy. They had an abundance of food and the kids were always offered seconds. They even earned time to help the chef cook. They had an amazing overnight staff that kept an eye on the kids the whole night. Made sure his meds were given and any medical attention that was needed. Our son spent 72 days in this facility and I would recommend it to everyone that needs it. Our son learned so much and came out a completely different kid. We will always be grateful for his time there! If not for the amazing staff we wouldn’t be the family we are today. Thank you for getting our son back!

Shannon Morris

I don’t know why this program works, but it does. The relationships Gracie built here in combination with the tools she learned here, has afforded us a path forward. The parents here are also given the gift of interaction in which we learned from each other. Thank you to the insightful staff for all they have done for our family.

Don Menveg

AGI was a blessing to our family. This program not only allows the child the opportunity to accept and grow from their own problems, but it also allows the parent the opportunities to have tools to be better for their child. The comprehensive and thorough methods used by AGI were helpful in our son becoming whole. Our family feels that the scars of the past are healing and we owe God, Dr. Joy and all of the AGI staff for assisting us in helping our son to heal, recover, and live.

Lisa Jackson

Friendly staff


Our son spent 50 days here. They were very kind and caring. The counselors and staff worked with his specific issues and came up with a plan that could help him. We couldn’t be happier with the help he received. We are forever grateful.

Erin Harper

My child spent 45 days here and I was so impressed! The structure, the staff, the psychiatrist, everyone even the administrative staff was amazing! The director Angelia is one of the most amazing people I have ever meet and my child’s therapist Nancy was awesome, my child learned so many coping skills and how to deal with things better, they are doing amazing now back at home!!! Thank you all for everything you will forever hold a special place in our hearts!!!

Cool Free Spirit aka The OBB Gypsy Soul

Recent reviews posted are grossly misleading. Please see our websites re numerous positive reviews from staff and clients. It’s always our sincere goal to make improvements in our facilities, staff and accommodations so that our clients can achieve quality care with results aimed towards good health.

Karen Golden

I stayed here during a bad point in my life. It’s a very good facility with kind staff.

Sam Moriarty
Natasha Kopanakis
Dad Dad
Cassandra Gooden
Nate The family