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Co-Occurring Disorders

Since 2005 Adolescent Growth has been known throughout the United States as a leader in treating teens who are struggling with Co-Occurring Disorders. Our staff is adept at treating adolescents with more than one mental health problem. Our holistic approach addresses each child’s physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social needs. Additionally, Adolescent Growth is a leader in the field due to the care and attention we give to the family as a whole, recognizing that parents and siblings require emotional support and coping skills too.

The Co-Occurring Disorders track here at Adolescent Growth is designed to help teens who are suffering from more than one issue, typically a Mental  Health Disorder in combination with an addiction to substances. Co-Occurring Disorders (also known as Dual Diagnosis Disorders) are complex. They require specialized treatment to address the multi-faceted issues that present in these troubled teens.

It is common for persons with mental health disorders to turn to drugs and alcohol as a form of comfort and emotion regulation. It is imperative to treat both the addiction and the underlying mental health disorder in order to see lasting change. At Adolescent Growth, teens are provided with a safe space to address the core issues that led to substance abuse in the first place.

Treatment Approach

After Admission, our multidisciplinary team works with each adolescent and their family to develop a comprehensive and Individualized Treatment Plan. The Treatment Plan utilizes a multi-modal approach to change harmful beliefs and teach alternative ways of getting needs met, coping with stress and regulating difficult emotions.

Persons with co-occurring disorders suffer demonstrably. They are more prone to violence, have higher rates of suicide, and often have interpersonal problems. Adolescent Growth knows that sufferers of Co-Occurring Disorders cause these types of problems because they are hurting.

It is our mission to treat adolescents with Co-Occurring Disorders with the utmost patience, understanding and respect in order to help them succeed and recover. Our Co-Occurring track offers a Residential Program, a Partial Hospitalization Day Treatment Program (PHP) with optional housing and also an Intensive Outpatient Program.