8 Gifts for the Holiday Season that Promote Mindfulness

One of the greatest gifts you can give (and receive) is the gift of mindfulness. This may seem like an impossible task to do but we can give away tools that will help foster mindfulness in the hearts of our families and loved ones. Mindfulness will benefit the ones we love not just during the holiday season but even in the days and months following it.

Here are gifts that promote mindfulness in both the kids and adults alike.

Gifts for Kids:

Mindfulness in children can be promoted by encouraging their creativity, creating experiences for them, and stirring their compassion.


  1. DIY Projects

Foster creativity for the kids on your list by gifting them with Do-It-Yourself projects such as handmade lotions, candles, or even making their own slime. You can also take advantage of other science projects that requires them to build something on their own. This will help them focus on the task on hand while sprucing up their creative juices.

  1. Baking Projects

        Baking produces not just great treats but also provides children with a great activity that they can do with their family members. Baking kits are always a hit with kids and stimulates not just creativity but also fosters other important traits such as focus, patience, and resilience.

  1. Activities for the Whole Family

Encourage family time by gifting kids with tickets to the zoo, the museum, or even parent and child yoga classes. Cue in on what their interests are and you will find yourself with many gift ideas that they will surely enjoy.

  1. Gifts that Encourage Generosity

Encourage generosity by giving them gifts that foster it. Such examples are DIY friendship bracelets, postcard makers, and art gifts that make them think of their friends and family when they use it. Not only will they enjoy the activity, but it will also make them think and ponder on the importance of being grateful for the people in their lives.


Gifts for Adults:

Giving gifts to the adults in your life no longer has to be a tedious task, in fact here are few tips that will help them on their journey to mindfulness.


  1. Coloring Books and Journals

Mindfulness coloring books are helpful when it comes to releasing anxiety, stress, and tension. Give the gift of relaxation by gifting the adults in your life with coloring books they can spend hours or even blank journals that can help them gather their thoughts and process them.


  1. Power Thought Cards

Power thought cards are made up of beautiful illustrations and affirmations that will help someone find their inner strength and be encouraged all year round.

  1. Mini Zen Sand Garden

Just like the traditional Japanese meditative garden, the Mini Zen Sand garden comes with a long-handled rake, a bamboo rake, and a broom that will create meditative patterns in the sand. Its small enough to fit into an office or a home and is perfect for any stressful situation.

  1. Scented Candles

The smell of scented candles offers a state of relaxation and peace and is the perfect gift to promote mindfulness. There are also many scents that was concocted specifically for focus, rest, relaxation, and even sleep.

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