Our Mission

Our mission at Adolescent Growth is to provide a safe and relaxing space for adolescents and their families to heal their wounds and learn new, effective ways of coping with the difficult challenges they face. The driving force behind the creation of the company was threefold: Quality Care, Quantifiable Cost and Quarters that are Curative.

“The people here are just amazing. . . clients and staff. I know that you guys really do care about me and want to make my life better.”
Thank you,
-Grace, age 17

Adolescent Growth was created to fill a gap in the availability of quality care for adolescents and their loved ones. We are the only facility that offers a holistic approach to treating teens and helping their families become a coherent whole. Our program does not believe there is such a thing as a “juvenile delinquent”. All of the teens we meet are bright, capable and likeable persons who simply need help to see that in themselves. This is where we come in with the tools they need to face life passionately and with purpose. We apply this philosophy to everyone who walks through our doors, without exception.

Quantifiable Cost

Our policy of inclusion extends to the financial sphere of treatment as well. Our goal is to make treatment as stress free and supportive as possible. We do not want financial concerns to limit any child who needs our help. For that reason we worked hard to become a preferred provider for most major insurance companies. The cost of a deductible, co-payment, etc. is a quantifiable cost that is worth the investment to guide your family toward recovery.

Quarters that are Curative

Adolescent Growth places great importance on creating a safe space for adolescents to heal, learn and grow. Our facilities provide all of the comforts of home combined with the 24 hour care and support of our attentive and compassionate staff. These facilities are true sanctuaries for troubled teens and we have done our best to transform ordinary homes into extraordinary places of healing and growth.