Our Vision

At Adolescent Growth we envision a world where all adolescents have the skills at hand to resist the intractable influences of modern media and its impossible standards.  Messages about weight, appearance, drugs, alcohol, ethics and morals are compelling our kids toward unhealthy thoughts and behaviors at an alarming rate.  Our vision is a road map to helping troubled teens:

“Lastly, thank you so much for your PERSONAL involvement while we went through the intake process. You have no idea how much you calmed my fears and helped me to realize we are making the right choice to finally get our son the help he needs.”
-Parent of Adolescent Growth Client

Stop the Madness

We meet many families who say that discord and dysregulation have become the status quo at home. These parents and their children are trapped in a cycle of chaos and dysfunction that demands professional help. The teen is struggling in school, skipping classes, abusing drugs or is consorting with the wrong crowd. Removing the teen from this environment is crucial. It interrupts the cycle of chaos and replaces those weak foundations with solid ones, and that is where the real work begins.

Start the March

It is our job to guide your child toward uncovering or rediscovering their innate talents and abilities. We aspire to show them their own inner strength by guiding them through treatment with compassion and respect. Your child is already a shining star, but he or she has been challenged in ways that most of their peers have not. We provide them with coping skills, structure and renewed self esteem in order to thrive despite the extra challenges they face.

Stick to the Mandate

Maintenance is the key to a positive outcome and Adolescent Growth is here for you even after your child’s acute treatment has ended. Alumni can step down to a lower level of treatment such as intensive outpatient or another outpatient provider. They are also invited to attend our monthly alumni meetings which are designed to facilitate ongoing recovery and keep teens connected with the positive influence of our certified clinicians and their peers.