Tom Zimm, MSW, LCSW

Program Manager

Tom is a dynamic licensed clinician who specializes in treating adolescents. He serves as the Program Manager for the Lombard program and his role consists of offering nurturing support to troubled teens, facilitating the impactful Weekend Restoration Workshops for the families, and providing incomparable supervision and direction to the entire treatment staff. Tom works closely with the psychiatrist and the other clinicians on the team to ensure the highest standard of care is given to each family we aid. He sacrificially dedicates himself to the team and the families each day and we are grateful to have him spearheading the team. 

Tom’s academic career has culminated with him graduating from Jane Addams school of Social Work and obtaining his Master of Social Work Degree. Tom is an intelligent man, possessing the distinction of licensure. And, as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Tom can provide the needed direction to both the treatment team and the families we serve. 

Tom has refined his talent of working with adolescents and families impacted by trauma, depression, bipolar, substance abuse, interpersonal violence, homelessness, physical abuse, and neglect for over 20 years. Moreover, twenty plus years have been spent working with children in group care settings who present with attachment issues, problems managing when dysregulated, aggression, violence, self-harm, suicidal ideation, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and impulsive disorders. Tom’s years of expertise have taught him the importance of engaging with families, validating pain experienced, and supporting them as they progress on a confident hopeful path for the future of their children and their family. Tom discloses, “I enjoy helping families develop skills to attune to their children and effectively respond to their children by learning ways to give structure and predictability. I also enjoy engaging with teenagers and teaching them skills to help them gain confidence, feel less isolated, and feel hopeful”. 

Tom professes that he enjoys working at Adolescent Growth as the Program Manager and asserts, “I love the work we do here”. Tom proudly leads the team of dedicated professionals in Lombard Illinois and the team has begun to model his genuineness and charm. Moreover, Tom affirms, “I was drawn to Adolescent Growth for several reasons: 

  1. Adolescent Growth provides a structure within our program to help teenagers and families with their emotional substance abuse problems, and to get back on track academically. 
  2. The leadership is very supportive and give all the tools necessary to equip clinicians for this challenging yet rewarding work. 
  3. My coworkers are supportive and share similar values, which influence our approach to working with families. It is important to have a level of trust within staff members and confidence in the program to impact these difficult problems. 
  4. At Adolescent Growth, the caring, respectful, and compassionate approach by staff members provides the foundation for the healthy environment we create for the children and families”.   

When he is not working, three activities that Tom likes to engage in are reading fictional books, completing house projects with his beloved wife, and exercising.

We at Adolescent Growth are indeed blessed to have Tom leading the team.